This is the lightest laptop money can buy

Fujitsu has unleashed a bunch of new laptops, tablets and workstations aimed at the business market – no less than 18 of them – with the highlight being an incredibly light LifeBook.

The LifeBook U937/P is a 13.3-inch notebook which weighs in at a mind-boggling 799g, with a thickness of 15.5mm.

The weight makes the likes of the highly portable LG gram 14 almost seem a tad hefty at 980g (although that model has a slightly bigger form factor, being a 14-inch Ultrabook).

Still, Fujitsu’s new offering is the lightest notebook you can get at the size, given that Lenovo no longer makes the LaVie Z HZ550 (a 13.3-inch laptop which weighed a tad less at 780g – but the currently available LaVie Z models start at a weight of 850g).

Fujitsu’s U937/P benefits from a Kaby Lake processor, but the company hasn’t revealed further spec details yet. Although it did note that the device will be available in two colours – either black or red – and it’s expected to be on shelves in Japan early next month (and hopefully elsewhere not long after).

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Get converted

Fujitsu is also rolling out a 12.5-inch convertible laptop, the LifeBook P727/P, which allows the keyboard to be folded back 360-degrees to be used in tablet mode (or it can be partially folded back to be in tent mode, or stand mode for presentations).

This notebook, and the various other business laptops Fujitsu is launching, all come equipped with Kaby Lake CPUs. In total, there are nine new laptops emerging, along with four tablets, four workstations and a desktop PC.

One of the Windows slates is the Arrows Tab V567/P which is a 6-inch ‘handheld tablet’ – a phablet, by any other name – loaded with the full version of Windows 10 Pro. It weighs 280g and is 85mm wide, but Fujitsu hasn’t revealed any further spec details at this point.

As for the desktop PC, that’s the Esprimo Q956/MRE, which boasts a Kaby Lake processor and Intel Unite Solution. The latter offers a number of nifty features for meetings including file sharing and wireless screen sharing.

All of these new models will be rolling out across February and March in Japan, and as mentioned previously, they hopefully won’t take long to arrive over here.

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