This is probably the world’s most secure smartphone right now

(Image credit: Bittium)

Dual- and multi-booting computers is a popular practice among experienced users because it allows them to have several separate personae. Many maintain such a setup because of security concerns and it's a bit of a surprise this trend hasn't caught up on mobile, until now.

Straight from Finland, the country that provided us with one of the most popular (semi-rugged) phones ever, the Nokia 3310, comes the Bittium Tough Mobile 2C.

It's a rugged smartphone that's as tough outside as it is on the inside, but with the subdued look of a classic BlackBerry - a proper business mobile.

Secure smartphone

The phone runs on a hardened Android 9 and Bittium’s own Secure OS, which is a fork of Android - and it also comes with a free Yubiko 5 NFC security key included.

The two operating systems are totally isolated from each other, with full data and secure element separation, plus the device features always-on VPN and support for Bittium’s very own mobile device management. It's a shame no mobile endpoint protection is included, though.

The device itself is both MIL-STD-810G and IP67 certified, which means it can take a few knocks. It also comes with a hardware-based privacy mode that can be activated with a single button press, disabling Bluetooth, the microphone and camera, and reducing sensor accuracy.

No pricing information is available quite yet, but given the Tough Mobile 2 retails for as much as £1,207.50 (roughly $1,800/AU$2,460), don’t expect this new model to come cheap.

We're in touch with Bittium about reviewing the the Tough Mobile 2C, so keep your eyes peeled.

Desire Athow
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