This 1TB memory card is the cheapest yet, but it's missing one vital feature

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If you're looking for a great value deal on portable storage, then Amazon has a top option for you. The Leaders Logic 1TB SDXC memory card is currently on sale for just $162.00 (or roughly £125). Amazon should be able to ship it globally as well.

This is the cheapest 1TB memory card on the market right now and compares favourably with the $260 1TB version of the Sandisk Extreme (the most affordable 1TB microSD card).

The high capacity model is of course more expensive, and its price per capacity is no better than the 128GB version at roughly 16p per GB, but you won't be filling it up any time soon.

Leaders Logic UHS-1 U3 1TB - $162 from Amazon

Leaders Logic UHS-1 U3 1TB - $162 from Amazon
You'll be extremely hard pressed to find a 1TB memory card that's better value than this one. Rapid read/write speeds, great stability and high capacity - there's not a lot more you could ask for. Shame it's not compatible with all devices.

The card (officially known as the UHS-1 U3 VSC 30 A1) comes with a five year warranty. The manufacturer says it's waterproof, shockproof and magnetproof, and it can also withstand temperatures up to 167F (75C).

With a read speed of up to 100MBps and write speed of 80MBps, the Leaders Logic card is compatible with the new VSC30 speed class and should record videos at 4K without a hitch.

The most significant issues with this SDXC card is it's not compatible with all devices and it's also not a microSD.

There are several other major players that are currently selling 512GB microSD cards, including the likes of Samsung, Kingston, PNY and Integral. But none have confirmed when they will offer a 1TB version.

For now, Micron and Sandisk are the only manufacturers to have released a 1TB microSD card, so options are limited (and expensive).

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