The new PS5 update is perfect if you don't have a 4K TV yet

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Sony has rolled out full 1440p resolution support as part of a new PS5 update, alongside a bundle of additional software features.

While support for the resolution was first added through a July PS5 beta firmware update, Sony has announced that it’ll now be available to all console owners globally. If you’re playing a game that supports 1440p, it’ll automatically output at that resolution to match your monitor. Games that run at higher native resolutions, such as 4K, will use improved anti-aliasing to shift down to 1440p.

Before this update, the console was only capable of outputting 1080p and 4K resolutions. If you tried running your PS5 through a 1440p display, its output would be automatically downgraded to 1080p, wasting the extra pixels. Through this update, you can finally enjoy the high resolution your display supports, without needing to upgrade to the best 4K TV

That's no small improvement, and one we've been waiting on for a while. Outside 4K and 1080p monitors, 1440p is one of the more popular resolutions, particularly among PC gamers who might use their desk monitor as their main console display. The PS5's lack of support was particularly glaring next to the Xbox Series X|S, which have supported the resolution since launch.

Software features

The new PS5 update also introduces a folder system. You can now organize your games into specific ‘gamelists’, making it easier to navigate your library. To set one up, head to the ‘Your Collection’ tab and select ‘Create Gamelist’. You can create up to 15 folders with 100 games in each, collecting any disc, digital or streaming titles you’ve got on your system.

A couple of new social features are also available. Now, you can send a Share Screen request to fellow party members through the voice chat menu, letting you watch their gameplay in real time. The PlayStation app has also been updated to support the tool.

Plus, it’s been made easier to join your buddies’ games. A new notification will pop up any time you join a party with a member who’s already playing a game, inviting you to jump in with them. Hardly revolutionary, but it takes a few button presses out of the equation.

Sony’s also improved the capabilities of the PS5’s YouTube app, letting you search for videos using voice commands. You can open the app anytime – even when mid-game – by saying ‘Hey PlayStation, find [keyword] on YouTube’. The future is here.

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