The PS5 feature we've been waiting on since launch is finally here

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Sony is finally adding 1440p support on PS5. But you'll only be able to try it out if you're signed up for the PS5 beta program.

Many PS5 owners have been eagerly awaiting 1440p support since the console's launch. And while it's currently only available as part of the PS5 beta program, Sony has confirmed it intends to roll out the feature globally "later this year."

Other new features added to the beta include player-created gamelists and a menu to compare stereo and 3D audio. A variety of new social features have been added, too. These include screen share requests and notifications for games you can join. All in all, it's a pretty substantial PS5 beta update.

How to enable 1440p output on PS5

If you're enrolled in the PS5 beta program, you can head into your console's settings to set the resolution to 1440p.

In the Settings menu, head to 'Screen and Video' followed by the 'Video Output' submenu. Under 'Resolution and frequency,' select 'Resolution' and then 1440p from the dropdown menu.

If you're unsure as to whether your display supports 1440p, you can select 'Test 1440p output' in the same menu. If the test displays correctly, then you're good to go.

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Why 1440p matters on PS5

1440p resolution is more than just a halfway house between HD and 4K. Some of the best PS5 games support a native 1440p resolution, such as Final Fantasy 14. When such games are played on a 1440p display, then, they'll appear much crisper as a result. That's especially true of smaller 1440p monitors. (If you're looking to switch from a TV to a monitor, these are the best monitors for PS5).

What's just as pleasing is that games with native 4K resolutions can downsample to 1440p. In this case, you may be able to benefit from higher framerates and anti-aliasing which creates an overall smoother image that helps to eliminate sharp or jagged edges on 3D objects.

Unfortunately, Sony seems to have missed one key opportunity with its 1440p. The resolution setting won't work with PS5 VRR, another long-awaited feature that was added a few months back. This is especially baffling considering VRR is compatible with 1080p and 4K resolution settings on the console. Hopefully, this can be addressed by the time 1440p resolution is rolled out to PS5 owners worldwide.

Ultimately, we're glad that 1440p support is finally on PS5, even if it's in a limited capacity for now. It's a feature that Xbox Series X|S consoles have had since launch, and its omission from PS5 has always been puzzling. Thankfully, it's one less thing Sony has to play catch up on now. Or at least it will be when it graduates from the beta testing phase.

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