TV channels aren't being killed by VOD, says Sky exec

TV channels aren t being killed by VOD says Sky exec

Sky's director of product Luke Bradley-Jones has insisted that televisions channels are going nowhere, despite the explosion of catch-up and DVR viewing.

Speaking to TechRadar as a key update for Sky+HD boxes adds algorithmic suggestions and smart series links, Bradley-Jones insisted that sometimes viewers just want to sit back and let the channel controllers decide on their viewing.

"Suggestions was something that we spent a lot of time on modelling, but however clever you are sometimes you just want something served up on a plate through the channels," he said.

"However, the number of people using search to find programmes is at the best part of a couple of million, with our new look meaning that its accelerating - and our on demand box sets are hugely popular."

Sky s new EPG brings new features

Sky's new EPG brings new features

Second screen use

Bradley-Jones also sounded a note of caution around second screen use - insisting that some types of programming are better suited to being watched with tablet or phone in hand than others.

"There's a big growth in the use of second screens around sports - like the Ryder Cup or Formula One," he said.

"But with the total rebirth of the drama genre in the last five to ten years I think people are still seeking out a more immersive, 'sit back' experience outside of things like reality TV and sport."