9 best soundbites from the BBC's big announcements

9 startling insights into the BBC
BBC's Tony Hall gives us some general direction

The BBC has thrown open its doors to journalists as it delves into its future and with the glimpses at the new iPlayer, Playlister and the power of social came a plethora of fascinating insights.

Director general Tony Hall has a tough job moving the BBC on from high profile difficult times, but his outline to the future included potshots at old media, old thinking but unfortunately not old Bruce Forsythe.

So, TechRadar has pulled together the speech highlights for your interest and amusement.

The next generation

1. "[This generation] will have a totally different set of norms and behaviour. Almost every teenager today has a mobile and it's this device that they value the most," said Hall.

2. "We used to teach children ancient Greek," Stephen Fry's video contribution stated. "We should be teaching them modern geek."

3. "We teach kids to read, write and count but actually in the 20th century an equally valuable skill is to interact with computers," added Professor Brian Cox. "Not to just use computers as a tool but actually to tell them precisely what to do. The BBC can have a transformative role in this - it has the power to inspire."

The BBC's innovations - from 1922

The BBC's innovations - from 1922 onwards


4. "At the end of the programme you've just watched it asks if you want to watch it again which, if you think about it, is a funny sort of request. We know we can do so much better and we'll be able to do that," said Hall.

5. Hall: "Audiences want the control to find out things that matter to them to turn and find something special and they know that new tech means they can find it whether it was recommended by a friend or suggested by a friendly algorithm."

6. "We'll surprise you, challenge you. Demonstrate that we can do public service broadcasting on iPlayer as much as we can on television or on radio," insisted Hall.

Broadcast House in London

Broadcast House in London

Fresh thinking

7. "The key challenge is to harness our power to create to our power to innovate, and innovation has been a part of the BBC since its foundation," said Hall. "You have refresh to regenerate and I guess you can't be the home of Dr Who for 50 years without knowing something about regeneration."

8. Hall: "A bit of video I was looking at recently has stuck with me over the past few months. It showed a toddler sitting up with a magazine and she tries to swipe the magazine and then she tries to expand the magazine and then she bangs the magazine in order to make it play - and finally when nothing works she throws it away. To a toddler a magazine is a tablet that has bust."

9. "All of this depends on one thing above all and that's creativity - I want us to celebrate the best of British originality, ingenuity and even eccentricity. This is fundamental. Everything else depends upon it," said Hall.

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