Survey suggests 97% of Mac users are more productive after switching from Windows

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A new study suggests that after switching from a Windows PC to a Mac, 97% of enterprise users feel more productive.

The survey was conducted by the Vanson Bourne market research firm for Jamf, which is a company that specialises in management solutions for Apple devices for businesses, governments and schools. 

You may recall that the company recently released a survey that found that 71% of students would prefer a Mac to a PC.

While Jamf is obviously going to benefit from positive surveys like this, the results found by a third-party research firm show that a huge number of workers find switching to Apple devices improves their productivity, creativity and collaboration.

The results should be pleasant reading for Apple – and worrying for Microsoft. A large part of Microsoft’s business comes from enterprise users, so if they start switching to Mac, that’s not going to be good news.

The scores

According to the survey, which asked a range of users from IT, human resources, sales and engineering, 79% of respondents said that they would not be able to do their jobs as well without a Mac.

The survey also found that:

  • 97% of respondents claim increased productivity
  • 95% claim increased creativity
  • 94% claim self-sufficiency with technology
  • 91% claim increased collaboration

It certainly seems that enterprise users who switch from Windows to Mac are very happy with the move – which may cause real headaches for Microsoft in the future.

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