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Samsung's 1.8-inch 120GB USB drive tours China

Smallest man in world buys credit card-sized USB drive
Smallest man in world buys credit card-sized USB drive

Samsung is reminding us how it broke through the 1TB capacity barrier for a 1.8-inch hard drive by pushing last year's Spinpoint N2 in a shiny new black case with new a flip-out USB connector.

Currently being promoted in China, the tiny drive is also being aimed at Apple, with a mind to getting it included in upcoming iPod designs. It's currently doing the rounds in a sleek, glossy case about the size of a credit card, fitting snugly in a wallet.

Small but perfectly formed

It's quite the power-saver, apparently needing just 300mA to read at 27MB/s and write at 23MB/s, on a par with high-end flash drives, and while it's pretty expensive, it's still compact enough to be a contender.

The 40GB version goes for 1099 RMB – a little over £86, with the 60GB at 1299 RMB (£104) and the 80GB model at 1599 RMB (£128).

The 120GB model itself is really getting a bit on the pricey side – particularly for China – at 1999 RMB (£160), especially as a 320GB 2.5-inch drive is now available for less than £65, but then that's not going to squeeze in next to your Master Card, is it?