Windows Vista SP2 arrives for public

Windows Vista SP2 arrives
Windows Vista SP2 arrives

Microsoft has released Windows Vista Service Pack 2 to the public as standalone installers, with a rollout to Windows Update likely within weeks.

32 and 64 bit versions of SP2 are now available for those who want to patch their Windows Vista in one foul swoop – although much of the update has been rolled out in smaller chunks in the past year.

SP2 was released to manufacturing last month, allowing OEMs to update the PCs that are being sold to the latest Windows Vista version, and now the public can get their hands on the pack.

Weeks away

For those who wait for the updates to arrive as a official Windows Update, it will be a matter of a few weeks more to wait until SP2 is made available.

As well as the patches and security updates that have been released since Vista was released, SP2 does also bring extra functionality such as Blu-ray support and Bluetooth 2.1 compatibility.

Service Packs have become ingrained on the public consciousness since Windows XP SP2 - which was essentially an entire rewrite of XP, making it a viable OS for the internet age.

Vista's SP2 is considerably less critical, with Microsoft continuing to point out that its Windows Update service is the best way for people to keep their operating system up to date.

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