Speed up Vista with a PNY flash drive


PNY's Attaché Pro flash drive range now includes Microsoft's Windows ReadyBoost feature to speed up Windows Vista. The application is designed to extend the memory capacity of a non-volatile flash memory device to increase the memory buffer on your PC.

Microsoft specifies minimum read/write speeds of around 5MB/s and 3MB/s respectively, making the Attaché Pro range of USB flash drives ideal for running Windows ReadyBoost. In fact, the Attaché Pro range is capable of read/write speeds of 29MB/S and 25MB/s.

"PNY challenges you to switch on your computer, run an application, close this application and then re-launch it with ReadyBoost," says the press release we received. "You will discover that while the first time it took 25 seconds to open, the second launch will take 2 or 3 seconds!"

Considering Windows Vista requires around 1GB of memory to operate happily, this is a no-fuss, beginner-friendly way to add extra RAM to your system.

The 1GB Attaché Pro is available now for £14.99 online via www.Play.com and www.Misco.co.uk . It will be sold at PC World from June onwards.