Microsoft's latest Windows 10 preview hones Edge and Windows Ink

Windows 10

Microsoft has released another preview version of Windows 10 to Insiders testing on the Fast Ring, with the big Anniversary Update just around the corner.

So what's new with build 14361? Naturally enough, there's a load of bug fixes, as squashing bugs is a priority right now to smooth things over for said Anniversary Update (with a June 'bug bash' kicking off next week).

But the new features are doubtless what you want to hear about, and Microsoft has introduced another fresh extension for the Edge web browser, this one being security related: you can now download LastPass, an extension for the popular password manager. That brings the total number of extensions live in the preview version of Windows 10 to a nice round 10, appropriately enough.

Windows 10 now also supports Hyper-V Containers, allowing developers to create and run containers which use the Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 Nano Server container OS image.

Ink improvements

There are also improvements to both Windows Ink and the Settings app. In the case of the former, that includes various bug fixes and tweaks such as making sure the Windows Ink ruler is now long enough to span the diagonal of the display when running on Microsoft's Surface Book, and improving the Sketch Pad UI.

With the Settings app, again interface tweaks have been made, such as adjusting the text size to be more readable and adding a splash of colour to highlight which Settings tab you've selected.

Some Windows 10 icons have also been changed (for the better, hopefully) and Redmond has implemented some important minor fixes, including smoothing over a problem which caused sites like YouTube to fall over in both Edge and Internet Explorer.

For the full list of bug fixes – be warned, it's a long one – check out Microsoft's blog post on the new preview version.

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