Microsoft quietly pushes new Windows 10 Mobile build to Insiders

A new Windows 10 Mobile test build is here

A new year, a new build, at least that's what it seems like for Windows Insiders in the Fast ring. Microsoft has just pushed out the Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.63, but the company has not detailed any changes with this latest update.

Windows Central reported that the build is showing up for some Insiders, but not everyone, while WinBeta speculated that there may not be any new features in this cumulative update.

In response to user inquiry on Twitter, Gabriel Aul, Vice President, Windows Devices Group Engineering Systems Team at Microsoft, said that he'll share more information about the latest update soon, but the change log was not available at the time of publication.

More frequent builds in 2016

Aul again reaffirmed his promise to deliver more frequent test builds to Insiders for Windows 10 Mobile this year.

"Once we actually *start* flighting in 2016, then we expect to see more frequent builds than last year," he said on Twitter.

The reason we haven't seen any builds since the New Year, Aul explained, is because the team is still getting settled. Microsoft generally tests new builds through a flight process internally, before making them available to Insiders. After the bugs have been reported by Insiders and ironed out, then Microsoft will make the build available publicly.

Microsoft is also taking control of Windows updates for phones, which is new for the platform. In the past, updates are delivered by carriers, but with the launch of Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft is taking a more Apple-like approach. Windows 10 Mobile updates will be pushed out directly from Microsoft.

Even after several test builds, Windows 10 Mobile still has not officially launched yet. The OS debuted on Microsoft's newest Lumia 950 and 950XL smartphone hardware, but Microsoft has not given a date as to when older hardware will be officially updated.

We've reached out to Microsoft for additional details about Build 10586.63, and we'll update this post once we hear more information.

Update: It looks like there was a problem with Microsoft's servers affecting the update. Microsoft is addressing the glitch, and the update will resume for all Insiders in the Fast ring today.

"Sorry #WindowsInsiders for confusion on the new update for W10 Mobile today," Aul said on Twitter. "During publishing of the .63 update, we detected a potential issue with staging on deployment servers. Since we were partially staged, some people were able to detect the update.We paused the update to investigate, and ensure that everything was 100% ready. We're now resuming the update and it will roll out to #WindowsInsiders in the Fast ring today."