Evernote Business to get best practice guide

John McGeachie
McGeachie emphasises feedback

Evernote is planning to produce best practice guidance for its recently released Evernote Business software.

The guide will be aimed at how companies can make the best use of Evernote Business to improve internal collaboration, and will be based on feedback from early adopters.

John McGeachie, Vice President Evernote Business Sales, said it will cover subjects such as how to curate content to the best effect in the Business Library function, and will be based on the question of "How can I use it better?"

"We will talk to all of the businesses we can," he said. "We think there are some great use cases in all the verticals where it is used."

McGeachie said there is no firm timeline on the best practice becoming available, but that it should be within two months or so. It will be disseminated through various channels such as the website and blogs.

Evernote launched the Business version of its content sharing software, which has a loyal following in the consumer market, in December. McGeachie said it is aimed largely at the small to midsized business market.

Company CEO Phil Libin recently told TRPro that Evernote is aimed at making expertise and knowledge easier to find within companies.