Download of the Day: Driver Booster 2

Driver Booster 2
Driver Booster 2

Maintaining a speedy and gusty system for all your gaming needs often hinges on keeping drivers completely up-to-date, a task that isn't easy given the plethora of different sites you have to visit, and Driver Booster 2 is there to make this task a much easier one.

Why you need it

Updating drivers on your PC will no longer be the hassle it once was thanks to Driver Booster 2 and the way it keeps every on your PC in ship shape means that you'll never need to manually update a driver ever again.

After installation it catapults itself straight into the task of improving your computer by initiating a scan on all parts of your PC that takes just seconds to complete and is done to identify what needs to be updated.

Devices with out of date drivers are then listed under one tab and as soon as you instruct it to do so it will begin downloading updates automatically and prompt you to restart the PC once complete. Those wondering whether it actually scanned the whole PC will be reassured by the up-to-date tab that lists every minute detail about devices in your PC and this is kept up-to-date by refreshing itself every time the PC is rebooted. You can also scan for updates any time by clicking the scan button within the application.

Should there be any problems int he update process, Driver Booster 2 keeps a rescue centre where a system restore point is created every time an update is initiated and alongside this there will be a collection of driver backups for everything that has been updated.

Driver Booster 2 can easily be customised with a number of delightful skins on offer, font sizes can be adjusted, plus you can choose whether or not it should start each time Windows is rebooted. You can even set it up to start scanning as soon as it opens up or excludes certain devices from the scan and all these options are in the settings menu.

To take the pain out of updating outdated drivers there are few programs that are easier than Driver Booster 2.

Key features:

Works on: Windows 7 and 8.1

Price: Free

Automatic updates: Users will never need to search for new drivers ever again as Driver Booster 2 searches and downloads updates from its extensive collection of drivers.

Secure technology: Driver Booster 2 promises a driver updating and restoring experience that it completely secure and safe from any viruses.