David Cameron's posh boys school blocks Snapchat over sexting fears

David Cameron's posh boys school blocks Snapchat over sexting fears
No more Snapchat for you m'laddo (except on mobile data)

It must get a little lonely at the boys-only, £35,000-a-year Eton College, so you can't blame the young squires for seeking a little female comfort through the occasional Snapchat message.

However the headmaster at the exclusive private school, which David Cameron and half of his inner circle attended, has insisted illicit exchanges of photos will not be taking place on its Wi-Fi network.

"Boys can still use it via the 3G phone network, but we hope that blocking it on our network will, at least, make them think twice," Tony Little told the Telegraph.

So now it all fits into place! No wonder the PM so consumed by his mission to cleanse the nation of indecent online content (unless we tell him we want to look at it first).

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Not that there's any nudity, but you won't have to opt in to see these blips...

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