BBC Sport's Olympic apps hit Android and iOS today

BBC Sport's Olympic apps hit Android and iOS today
The BBC and the Games - an Olympic undertaking

BBC Sport has released its Olympics apps into the wild, with Android and iOS users able to download them from today.

Once the Games begin, the apps will offer 24 live streams to users in the UK, as well as commentary, results pages, event catch-ups and daily news stories which you can save to read offline while you're stuck on the tube for seven hours trying to get home.

The apps are available for iOS and Android phones and tablets, intended for those with iOS 5.0 and above, and Android OS 2.2 plus Flash Player installed.

Two weeks to go

Streaming over a data connection could get expensive, but if you're in London for the Games, you could always give Virgin Media's handy Underground Wi-Fi a go.

iOS users will get a touch more customisation than their Android counterparts, with the ability to save favourite sports to a user-specific tab.

The BBC has gone all-out for the Games, billing it as the first digital Olympics. As well as the mobile apps, there's the revamped BBC Sports website that will be live streaming 24 events in HD simultaneously, interactive red button services, a Facebook app, a connected TV app and radio and television coverage to boot.

When is it over again?

Those making the wise decision to follow the Olympics from a safe distance – i.e. abroad – can make use of a second BBC Sports app for worldwide users.

It comes with most of the same features as the UK app, but won't be offering live video streams.

What the worldwide app does have, however, is Geo IP targeting so users will see headlines most relevant to where they are in the world. Neat.

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