10 top tools to automate repetitive tasks

6. AmpSoft WinOff

If you want to shut down, restart or put your computer into low-power mode at a specified time (or after a set period of time) then AmpSoft WinOff is the tool for you. It's particularly suited for that file server you installed in the attic...


7. Start-Q

Start-Q is designed for those systems where so many programs are competing for start-up resources your PC practically grinds to a halt after logging on to Windows. Use this to set the order in which your programs load, enabling you to reclaim system resources and start using your PC as soon as possible after the desktop appears.

Start q

8. Print Conductor

Need to print a load of documents in a hurry? Print Conductor might be the solution you need. It supports up to 16 file types, assuming you have the required programs (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Reader) installed. Sadly, the program cannot print web pages if you have IE8 installed as it doesn't recognise the installation.

Print conductor

9. Batchrun

Batchrun is designed to help create simple batch files for launching programs, performing various file tasks and killing processes (gracefully or otherwise).


10. AutoHotKey

AutoHotKey enables you to create your own macros for use in any – or selected – programs. Either program your own scripts or – if you're lazy like us – record a combination of keystrokes and mouse clicks to generate your macro. It's based on AutoIt for those who want something even more powerful – if equally more complicated.