Slack will now let anyone send you a DM

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Messaging platform Slack has announced that it will expand its services to allow users to securely connect with anyone outside of their organization.

After launching Slack Connect last year, the service is now looking to step up its game to replace email outside of one's company by allowing users to work with external organizations right from within its online collaboration software. In fact, up to 20 organizations can securely work together in the same space using the service and each side is able to maintain control over their organization's data.

Now though, Slack is expanding Slack Connect through direct messages (DMs) which are available now but the company also plans to allow users to link together multiple organizations to create a private business network later this year.

To get started using Slack Connect DMs, users simply need to send an invite to anyone else using Slack and once they accept, they'll be able to communicate with one another using direct messages. The company also plans to offer Slack Connect DM invitations to all teams soon, including those on free plans.

Slack Connect 

Businesses can use Slack Connect to securely connect to external organizations to make it easier for them to work with trusted partners without having to deal with long email threads.

Admins and security professionals will be happy to know that all of Slack's enterprise-grade security features and compliance standards extend to both channels and direct messages with external partners. However, the company also plans to further extend the service's security capabilities before Slack Connect's next feature goes live.

Over the past year, there has been a huge increase in the number of phishing scams and cyberattacks as cybercriminals attempt to capitalize on the massive number of employees working from home. While Slack Connect already restricts certain file types from being sent in channels and DMs, Slack will soon add malware protection and link scanning to the service to further prevent phishing scams and spam.

Finally, the company plans to allow two or more organizations to create their own private business network using Slack Connect. These networks will allow for unified directories, direct messaging, channel discovery and shared applications when they roll out this winter.

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