See the World Cup like never before with Samsung TVs at Currys

QN700B in someone's living room
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If you’re looking forward to a thrilling FIFA World Cup full of exhilarating highs – and let’s just focus on the highs of football for now, shall we? – then you’ll want to see and hear it in the best possible detail.

Samsung’s QD-OLED and Neo QLED TVs are absolutely the best way to do that, delivering clarity and realism like you’ve never imagined, thanks to their Quantum Dot technology and AI-powered processing. You can even go 8K to see things in detail that’s simply beyond any way you’ve watched sport in the past, except maybe being in the stadium, pitch-side.

And it’s not just about the visuals: with support for Dolby Atmos in Samsung’s TVs, and Object Tracking Sound technology that uses the TVs built-in speakers so that the sounds follows the action on-screen, it feels more than ever like you’re surrounded by the real din of 80,000 fans.

QN90B in someone's living room

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Samsung’s best TVs use Quantum Dot technology, which provides more natural and life-like colours, while at the same time allowing the best-in-class brightness to shine through. No matter whether you choose the Samsung S95B QD-OLED 4K TV, Samsung QN90B Neo QLED 4K TV or the Samsung QN700B Neo QLED 8K TV, Quantum Dot technology is crucial to providing their incredibly rich images.

This is paired with Samsung’s innovative AI-powered Processors, which analyse what you’re watching and optimise the image especially for that kind of thing. When you’re watching football, this makes a huge difference – for a start, it ensures that the fast-paced motion of the ball and the players doesn’t end up as a smear across your screen. It cleans up the motion as it goes, so you can see more easily who has the ball, and what they’re doing with it. It knows the difference between the grass and the people, so it can refine different parts of the image in custom ways to ensure that everything is full of detail, so you’ll know exactly how fair a tackle is before you throw your drink over whoever’s sitting next to you.

Samsung 4K TVs look incredible with this technology, but if you want to take that precision to the next level, the QN700B is a stunningly affordable 8K TV, delivering four times as many pixels as 4K, to make sure you can see every seam on the ball as it spins and curls from a free kick. The Samsung Neo Quantum Processor 8K Lite is designed to take 4K or HD pictures and upscale the picture to 8K resolution, using the AI-powered processor we mentioned above to create the sharpest way to see every match.

S95B in someone's living room

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Every technology covered

Whatever kind of screen technology you want from your next TV, Samsung has you covered, but with its own unique technology included to complete the picture.

The Samsung S95B takes the best of OLED screens, such as the infinite contrast ratio, and adds in the additional colour volume and accuracy of Quantum Dots, which also allows the TV to go brighter. Combined with its special anti-reflective coating, it’s easier to watch in sunny conditions too without glare getting in the way of the picture.

Or if you want the incredible HDR brightness for a 4K TV, the Samsung QN90B features Quantum Matrix technology, which means Quantum Dots are paired with a mini-LED backlight, using lights 40 times smaller than other LED TVs to pack an astoundingly bright panel into an ultra-thin frame. When it comes to the sheer scale of HDR, it’s capable of mixing the brightest highlights and deep darkness in the same frame, providing contrast more like the way the eye sees it.

And if you choose the Samsung QN700B, you get the power of the Quantum Matrix screen mixed with the 33 million pixels of an 8K panel.

With Samsung’s special processing and next-level sound backing all this up, you can get the perfect screen to make it feel like you’re really at the World Cup from Samsung’s range at Currys.

Head to Currys today and browse its range of Samsung OLED TVs and Samsung QLED TVs.