Wipe out toolbars and add-ons with IObit Uninstaller 7

If you enjoy trying free software, you’ll know how frustrating it is when a program comes bundled with add-ons like toolbars and browser extensions. They’re often difficult to remove, and sometimes linger even when you remove the original software. Not only that, they also present a threat to your privacy, monitoring your activity and reporting it back to advertisers.

IObit Uninstaller 7, released today, detects bundled toolbars and plugins, alerts you to their presence, and offers a way to remove them – even when conventional methods fail. 

A clean slate

IObit Uninstaller is a quick and convenient way to remove all kinds of unwanted software – including Windows apps and programs that don’t appear in Windows’ own Control Panel. Simply check the boxes beside all the applications you want to remove, click ‘Uninstall’ and IObit Uninstaller will handle the rest – including performing a deep scan to remove any last traces.

The new version of IObit Uninstaller also provides an overview of installed software, with one-click updates for programs like web browsers and PDF readers, where security updates are essential.

A license for IObit Uninstaller Pro costs US$19.99/£15.61/AU$25.30, and covers three PCs for one year.

IObit Uninstaller Free lacks some of the premium edition's more advanced features, but is still an excellent tool for wiping out unwanted software.

Cat Ellis

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