PSA: There’s a new Microsoft Teams ringtone and it’s a real earworm

Microsoft Teams
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Microsoft has published a fresh version of the now-infamous Teams ringtone, with a distinctly TikTok flavor.

Earlier this year, TikTok creator Calum Newton (or CandyMoore.mp3, as he’s otherwise known) took it upon himself to remix the Microsoft Teams ringtone into a dance track. So catchy was the remix, Microsoft asked him to create a special version for the official Teams platform.

“[CandyMoore.mp3] created an incredible remix of the ringtone, so we reached out and asked him to create a version that we could share with you,” explained Microsoft, in a blog post. “His remix is now available for users to customize their Teams experience, and it hits hard enough to make you want to dance.”


♬ Microsoft teams remix by candy moore - Candy Moore

Fun-loving Teams

Although Microsoft releases tens of carefully-crafted upgrades for its collaboration platform each year, the company is also partial to a more whimsical style of update every now and then too.

At the start of the year, for example, Microsoft overhauled the Teams emoji library with a bunch of new designs and 3D models, giving people new options for reacting to messages and interacting in group channels.

In a similar vein, the company published a selection of virtual backgrounds designed to give long-term fans a hit of nostalgia. The bundle included backgrounds featuring the infamous Clippy, Microsoft Solitaire and Paint, as well as an unvaulted version of the Windows XP wallpaper.

“Because a little trip down memory lane can be good for the soul, and because after well over a year of remote and hybrid work we could all use some excitement on video calls,” the company explained. “We asked our designers to give a few memorable Microsoft moments their debut as Teams backgrounds.”

The move to bring the TikTok remix of the Teams ringtone to the official platform feels like an extension of the same theme.

“The sound of an incoming Teams Call has become ubiquitous with the feeling of productivity. Getting work done starts with those first few notes of that jingle and it can be good to bring in a fresh spin to a classic melody,” said Surbhi Lohia, Program Manager for Microsoft Teams.

“There have been incredible remixes created by Teams enthusiasts and community members over the years and it is finally time to bring that energy to the Teams platform in musical form.”

The new ringtone can be enabled via the Calls tab, under Settings. But to those who dare, we wish good luck; we haven’t stopped humming it since this morning…

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