Here's the other Walkman Sony announced at IFA

Sony Walkman

It wasn't all new Xperias and smartwatches for Sony at IFA. The company also outed some new Walkmans, a term that feels really weird to say.

In addition to the hi-res Walkman NWZ-A17, the Xperia Z3-maker also announced the wearable NWZ-WS613. This Walkman that focuses on durability and versatility for workouts, rather than hi-res audio playback.

It has a ring-type controller for audio playback that makes it easy to use during physical activity.

Sony is making a big deal out of the fact that the WS613 (just as terrible name a name as the NWZ-A17) lets users "indulge [their] passion for bottomless bass" with a paired MDR-XB950BT Bluetooth headset, run in the rain with a MDR-AS800BT waterproof Bluetooth headset, or drown out the world with a MDR-ZX550BN Bluetooth headset.

(Did Sony fire its branding department, by the way? Sheesh.)

The headsets also include NFC for easy connecting, and built-in microphones in case you want to pair them with your smartphone instead. But, strangely, the WS613 itself, being a wearable, can also double as a Bluetooth headset for your smartphone. Weird.

The Sony NWZ-WS613 Walkman launches in October for $160 (about £100, AU$170), while the three headsets launch in September for $200 (about £120, AU$215), $150 (about £90, AU$160) and $130 (about £80, AU$140), respectively.