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Movo Wave wants to say goodbye to expensive, unfashionable fitness trackers

Movo Wave fitness band tracker
Tracking on the cheap

You can wave goodbye to pricey fitness trackers that keep tabs of the basics like steps, distance traveled and calories burned.

The Movo Wave, which became available for pre-order today, will do all of that for $30 when it launches this fall.

This undercuts rivals like the Fitbit Flex, Jawbone Up24 and Nike FuelBand SE. Paying nearly $150 for extras like sleep tracking or an altimeter for stairs climbed won't be worth it for some people.

The New York City-based Movo says that it'll have both an iOS and Android app available for tracking metrics and socializing your data if you so choose.

Subtle style

Movo kicked off its pre-order campaign poking fun of ridiculous-looking wearables like Google Glass.

Its ad features a donkey haphazardly wandering city streets with a mock version of Google's face-worn wearable as well as a large, obtrusive smartwatch.

Movo Wave is therefore aimed at a younger audience with "an eye for style," according to the company.

Its wristband is a little more subtle going as far as not including a screen. Like the Jawbone Up24, data is only available through the app.

The current version is less than one ounce and includes a removable outer band so that you can change the black strap for other colors coming soon.

The Movo Wave and the even cheaper $13 Xiaomi Mi Band prove that the top names among wearables need to add more features to stay competitive at a higher price.