PixelFLEX Brings Augmented Reality to LDI 2016

“The LumiFLEX is an extremely exciting new technology that has been garnering a lot of attention due to its unlimited creativity options,” said David Venus, PixelFLEX director of marketing. “From a branding perspective, the LumiFLEX allows any sponsor to quickly place their messaging or logo in a location that is sure to capture the attention of everyone around, and when thinking of the live play applications, the LumiFLEX gives event organizers endless options of displaying any creative content desired.”

PixelFLEX will showcase myriad new products in Room N103 including the AR-LED, the LumiFLEX LED basketball floor, plus ultra-high resolution 2.6mm and 1.25mm LED video technology all brought together to create an earth-shattering experience. Open to all attendees at LDI, PixelFLEX will hold a complete technology demonstration at the beginning of every hour taking visitors to an Augmented Reality Rave, complete with a DJ and a true 3D LED visual experience.

“We are very excited about the LDI Conference and Tradeshow as it will give us an ideal opportunity to unveil our latest LED technology to a wide variety of our clients and production partners,” said Monty Rains, PixelFLEX president and COO. “Never before has anyone brought an augmented reality experience to LDI and we are extremely proud that PixelFLEX once again stands at the forefront of LED technology innovation.”

“In most 3D and virtual reality experiences, a digital reality is created that the mind then fills with the aid of a viewing device,” said Alex Williams, PixelFLEX director of project management. “With our new AR-LED technology we can create a visual image that physically and optically comes off the LED screen for a true augmented reality experience no matter if you are five or 500 feet away from the source.”

Additionally at LDI, PixelFLEX will be debuting the LumiFLEX 6.25mm LED basketball court. Recently featured by Nike Air Jordan at their latest worldwide launch, the ISSS-Certified LumiFLEX is the world’s first regulation, interactive LED basketball floor rated for live game play.