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SpinVox launches BlackBerry Voice-to-Screen

Spinvox enables you to read your voicemail as emails and also to publish voice calls direct to your blog as text

SpinVox has launched a new voice-to-screen service for RIM's BlackBerry devices. If you use a BlackBerry you will now be able to receive all your voicemail messages as emails direct to your handset. This will enable you to see who called, what they said and mail back a quick reply.

SpinVox converts any caller's voicemail into text. It's powered by the SpinVox patented Voice Message Conversion System.

SpinVox ensures that the inbound caller's number links up with your address book to present the caller's name. It then gives you the ability to reply directly by email as well as call or send an SMS.

"The BlackBerry solution makes staying in touch with email simple and SpinVox extends this to the next most important type of mail - voicemail," says Christina Domecq, CEO at SpinVox.

Voice to text conversion

"Now staying in touch with voicemails - whether from the office, home or your mobile - is simple and natural. You won't want to be without SpinVox and a BlackBerry smartphone."

SpinVox also launched a similar service into the blogosphere. Spin-my-Blog effectively enables bloggers to phone in their entries without having a computer at hand. The service allows you to post your thoughts onto a blog by calling a phone number and speaking the message. The message is then converted to text and automatically posted on your chosen blog.