Samsung, have you gone around the bend?

Samsung, have you gone around the bend?
It doesn't taste good either

Samsung, we get it. You've had an idea. You want to tell the world about it. You have something you have perfected, it's time to show everyone before the others join the crowd and dilute the experience.

But sometimes you have to take a step back, think and then just say "no" to yourself - and that's just what you should have done with the Galaxy Round, your first phone imbued with the flexible screen.

Have you gone around the bend, Samsung?

OK, God loves a trier. Celine Dion STILL sells records. Vince Vaughn. Enough said.

And Samsung has gone from being the underdog in mobile land a decade ago to one of the biggest manufacturers in the world by now. Hats off.

But gloves off too: you've done this because you want to stay looking like a leader, where really it actually leads to a worse experience.

Few people looking at this curved screen monstrosity are thinking 'What a great idea'. More like 'what the f*ck?!'

Twisted logic

There's no doubt that the technology is evolving. And maybe one day we'll have a use for a phone with a curve in the screen. Maybe when we've all got telegraph pole shaped heads. Maybe when...

.. Actually, I can't complete that sentence because I can't think of a single other reason to have a phone shaped like that.

It'd create a bulge in the pocket (hello!) but the thought of flicking Angry Birds on a screen with extra trajectory blocking prospects. Those birds are gonna be angry. And I don't blame them.. And how on earth are you going to type on it?

Samsung is a world leader in innovation. And for that, we salute you.

For every stupid idea (like that motion tilt browsing rubbish on the S4), there is a good idea being worked on in the South Korean labs. But sometimes, an idea can be rushed out when it probably isn't ready.

And right now, for all its innovation and success built around the likes of the S4 and Note 3, it's starting to look less like the cool neighbour who drives a convertible and more like the crazy lady who lives down the street.

This is a company that recently had to admit, days after launching a innovative product in the Galaxy Gear, that "there's still work to be done."

Seoul to Seoul

At the moment, it looks like the Galaxy Round is only being shipped to those in South Korea, a market more welcoming to the more insane of technological ideals.

Remember the polyphonic ringtones that Samsung and LG devices used to be loaded with? The South East Asian customers loved them. The more conservative customers would rather nail themselves to a fridge door than let people hear them.

Maybe that's what's coming next.. A phone that doubles up as a hammer. Would certainly be more useful, Samsung.