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Playboy and Angelina Jolie love the Palm Pre

Angelina's movies would look simply splendid on this screen
Angelina's movies would look simply splendid on this screen

Palm's stock might be rising happily by itself, but the Pre has now been given the ring of endorsement by Playboy Magazine and Angelina Jolie too.

While it might not be a story on launch dates or updates to the hardware, it does show that the Pre is trickling into one very, very important arena: public consciousness, ie the man / woman on the street who previously though the only two phones in the world were the Apple iPhone and that Nokia they were given by their uncle five years ago.

Miss Jolie, famed for doing films and being Brad Pitt's other half, has given her own celebrity review of the handset (to be fair, she is known for visiting technology sites... we have no official confirmation she's ever visited TechRadar but it's pretty likely) apparently "went on about [the Pre] for about two minutes."

The Examiner is stating that an assistant told them: "She basically said she likes the software better than the iPhone, she likes the thumboard for texting (although the keys aren't big enough), and thinks the screen is beautiful but can be too easily scratched."

By the way, we've also never heard anything called a thumboard either.

Ooh yeah, the Palm Pre

And Playboy has decided that the iPhone isn't the sexiest device any more either, instead featuring the Pre in its 'Mantrack' section.

It calls the phone "lust-worthy" which is a reaction Palm would be doing well to get in that magazine, and also calls Synergy, the part of webOS that brings all your account details together, a method that can "radically simplify the life of the average mobile beautiful person."

As beautiful and mobile people who read Playboy, we can confirm we are excited and possibly, possibly lust-filled.

Via The Examiner and PreCentral