Oppo's new tech can fully charge a phone in 15 minutes

Oppo Super VOOC

If the best thing about owning a smartphone is actually using it, then easily the worst part is when you have to stop for a charge. Powering a phone back to good health can take hours, or if you're really lucky, just under an hour. But Oppo wants to change that with its Super VOOC Flash Charge technology, which is said to fully charge a 2,500mAh-packed smartphone in just 15 minutes flat.

Unveiled at MWC 2016 in Barcelona, Oppo detailed what makes Super VOOC Flash Charge so dang super. By improving on the original, which offered up to two hours of phone use after a five minute charge, the new tech can provide 10 hours in the same amount of time. You've got a few minutes to spare, right?

Super VOOC Flash Charge, while not the friendliest phrasing to roll off the tongue, is said to be able to play nicely with both microUSB and USB-C devices. In theory, this would include the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Google Nexus 6P alike, but it's possible that this technology might only work with Oppo phones.

Quick! Charge

It works by feeding a custom charging algorithm to your device. The current used is 5V and is dynamically controlled to send pulses of electricity at a low-temperature to charge as quickly as possible.

Oppo plans to unleash Super VOOC Flash Charge this year at some point, but it's currently not clear exactly when and where it will be available.

Cameron Faulkner

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