OnePlus 2 teardown reveals a phone that's simple to fix

OnePlus 2 teardown
OnePlus 2 teardown

The teardown enthusiasts over at iFixit have taken their phone-dissecting skills to the OnePlus 2, pulling the brand new smartphone apart so we can all get a better look at its insides.

The phone scores higher than its predecessor in the repairability stakes, reaching 7/10 thanks to its extensive use of modular components that could easily be replaced if the phone should get damaged.

If you're in the queue for a OnePlus 2 or thinking about throwing your hat into the invite ring then it's worth checking out all of the pictures for a glimpse of the laser rangefinder for the camera, the USB Type-C port and all the other internal components.

Repair bills

The eye-catching orange battery is retained from the OnePlus One and the iFixit team was also impressed with how few tools were required to open up the smartphone. Even if you won't be repairing the phone yourself, it's reassuring to know that it's easily done.

On the downside, OnePlus has used some fairly expensive components, so fixing the phone won't be cheap. The LCD and digitiser glass are fused together as well, and must be replaced as a single part.

The invite system for the OnePlus 2 is open now if you're in the UK, Europe or India, whereas US customers are going to have to wait until later this month to get their place in line.

Header image courtesy of iFixit

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