Nokia unveils latest smartphone - the E55

The Nokia E55
The Nokia E55

Nokia unveiled its latest business phone today at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona.

The new E-series phone, the E55, has the privilege to be named as the "smallest Nokia device with a QWERTY keyboard." So you can get flirty with QWERTY without the phone weighing a tonne in your pocket.

N-Gage support

The E55 comes with a 2.4-inch screen, is 9.9mm thin and will even support landscape viewing, so reading your emails shouldn't be a pain. If you suffer from a severe case of 'fumble fingers', you will be pleased to hear that the E55 has improved predictive text. This means that badly spelt words will be corrected and the phone will automatically learn new words.

If you are bored with using the phone for business, then do not fear the E55 houses N-Gage gaming support.

And for those who are constantly lost in life, there's A-GPS on board.

Quick access

Other features of the E55 include: a standard 3.2 megapixel camera with flash; music player, media player and RDS Radio; quick access to Home, Calendar and Email functions; and Voice UI, so you can manage your device without touching it.

Oh, and the E55 is one of the firs phone released by Nokia that is compatible with the company's new Ovi app store.

The E55 comes in black aluminium or white aluminium, is out in Q2 and will set you back around $340 (around £240).

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