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Microsoft Deepfish - best mobile browser yet?

Microsoft has unveiled a preview version of its Deepfish mobile browser

Microsoft is aiming to bring a full desktop-style web browsing experience to your mobile phone, with the unveiling of a prototype version of its new Deepfish browser that promises easier navigation and faster page downloads.

Designed to display full web pages on mobile screens, Deepfish gets over the mobile phone issues of slow loading and awkward navigation by initially displaying a thumbnail of the full web page that users can then scroll around and zoom in and out of. Only the parts of the page selected are fully loaded, speeding up download times.

In this way, web pages look like they would on a desktop PC, but are easier to view and navigate than with other browsers which use small-screen rendering to display pages in a single column format, or full web browsers which display pages in close-up on a mobile screen. The Deepfish browser technology uses a lightweight client sitting on the handset with the formatting of pages carried out server-side.

Announced on the Microsoft Live Labs website, Deepfish is available for preview on a limited basis for invited users with devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 (or higher). According to Microsoft Live Labs, it is still early in its development cycle and a few releases away from beta quality, so no release timeframe is yet available.