HTC is springing into 2013 with global growth and new phones in sight

HTC One X+
One of its strongest offerings

The way HTC sees it, it's in perfect position to take over the world in 2013.

"We are definitely going to build off of the success of 2012 to push out new innovations in 2013," said Jeff Gordon, global online communications manager at HTC, during a CES sit down.

The company isn't showing any new phones at the event, save the Cricket Wireless-bound One SV.

Gordon stayed mum on what's coming down HTC's pipes, but the company will be at Mobile World Congress next month, an event it has attended for years and the prime time to release a phone to the mobile-centric crowd.

With a year that saw the release of the Windows 8X, Windows 8S and the TechRadar-recommended One X+, Gordon said the HTC line - with its bright colors and top tier design - is meant to inspire customers not just to buy but to use.

Solid foundation

Three pillars hold up the HTC brand, Gordon said: beautiful design, camera development and an authentic audio experience.

"I think we're second to none on design," he said. "And when people use our cameras, they are blown away by the speed. As for audio, we're second to none there, too. We want to create a visceral listening experience and we're able to do that with out Beats Audio partnership."

While Gordon sees the company's U.S. presence as strong, he said the European landscape could use some growth.

"There's a lot of growth potential with our One series there," he said. "We definitely want it to grow in the European market."

Though Euro-expansion is on HTC's radar, Gordon said there is an international issue facing the company.

"One of the big challenges we face is in how people see us," he said. "We don't want to be pigeonholed as a Taiwanese company but as a global company. There's nothing inherently Asian about our products or company, so we hope people see that."

The company is no stranger to struggling financials - its October revenue was down 60 percent year-on-year. However, it had a nice uptick in December sales that could signal happy times ahead.

HTC is tenacious and its phones, for the most part, hold up, so look for more mobile developments coming from the company in the coming months.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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