Has your OnePlus One display got yellow fever? You're not alone

OnePlus One
Unsurprisingly, some customers aren't too happy

From the start, the OnePlus One has been a bit of a 'too good to be true' phone, and for some users that's very much the case right now.

A number of OnePlus One owners are reporting that their new handsets are showing a yellow tinge towards the bottom of the display. There have also been some complaints of dead pixels, although it's the 'yellow tint' problem that seems to be the most prevalent right now.

OnePlus told TechRadar:

"The warm calibration experienced by some users is not isolated to a batch of Ones; all OnePlus Ones are identical. Should any users feel dissatisfied with their OnePlus Ones they are free to return it within fourteen days.

"Any users who have concerns over the quality of their device can get in touch with our Customer Support for diagnosis. Each claim will be specially looked into by a member of our support team."

Let down

It also told us that customers who return the handset within the 14 day period will get a full refund. However it has not specified whether this will include courier costs.

In one email, posted over on the OnePlus forum, a customer service rep asked the user to pay for the postage to send the phone back to China - which isn't cheap.

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