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Court backs Motorola in Microsoft patent case

Court backs Motorola in Microsoft patent case
Another patent dispute settled by the courts

A German court has ruled that Motorola hasn't ripped off a major Microsoft radio patent, scoring one for Google in the great tech patent war.

The patent in question relates to radio interfaces, formally known as "Method and radio interface layer comprising a set of application programming interfaces (APIs)".

Microsoft alleged that the way Motorola's Android handsets accessed contacts infringed on the patent, but the German courts disagreed.

Wheels and deals

Motorola is one of the few Android manufacturers not to have cut a licensing deal with Microsoft.

Microsoft makes a fair amount of cash from Android-makers, taking a cut from most handsets sold.

This isn't something Google is particularly pumped about, and it is keen to keep Motorola, a company it paid billions of dollars for, off that list.

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