Cloned games banned from Android Market

Cloned games banned from Android Market
Google rids itself of dodgy games

Google has decided to do an end-of-year spring clean and rid the Android Market of a number of cloned games which were said to contain malware.

The games are 'free' versions of well-known premium titles and, according to Sophos, have all been created by developer Logastrod.

The games may seem legit on the Market but once downloaded they have access to a phone's SMS capabilities and can start sending premium rate text messages to users.

Not playing fair

According to Google's stats, the games were downloaded over 10,000 times by unwitting users.

The games which were taken off the Market after being online for more than a day are:

Cut the Rope FREE


Assassin?s Creed® Revelations

Where's My Water? FREE

Riptide GP FREE

Great Little War Game FREE

World of Goo FREE

Angry Birds FREE

Shoot The Birds FREE

Talking Tom Cat 2 Free

Bag It! FREE

Talking Larry the Bird Free

Talking Larry the Bird

Android Market is well known for not being as regulated as other app stores, and Sophos does warn of what it believes is lax regulation by Google.

"We have already stated several times that the requirements for becoming an Android developer that can publish apps to the Android market are far too relaxed," explained Sophos.

"The cost of becoming a developer and being banned by Google is much lower than the money that can be earned by publishing malicious apps.

"The attacks on Android Market will continue as long as the developer requirements stay too relaxed."

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