Can Three's 24 hour mobile ad-blocking experiment really unbreak the internet?

Three will block ads on its network for 24 hours

Mobile ads can be annoying – any smartphone user can testify to that – but the industry is working on making things better and mobile network Three is trying to lead the charge.

It's asking customers to sign up to a 24-hour trial, which will see all ads blocked in browser and apps, but the goal isn't to blanket block ads when the feature eventually rolls out in its final form.

This is a technical test and feedback-gathering exercise for Three, which is looking for around 20,000 customers to take part as it works with users, publishers, brands and the industry-at-large to improve mobile browsing experiences.

The hope is this will encourage better integration of adverts, faster load times, less data dependency and a cleaner, more user friendly experience for users.

Facebook exempt

Three is using ad blocking firm Shine's technology, and while it will remove pesky banners ads from games and the like, it won't be hiding sponsored posts in Facebook or Twitter.

It's also worth noting the technology only works when you're utilising Three's network. If you connect to Wi-Fi at home or in the office, the ad-blocking service won't work until you uncouple and jump back on Three's frequency.

These are just baby steps however, and there's a long way to go before any clear improvements are made, but there's at least light at the end of the tunnel.

John McCann
Global Managing Editor

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