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Major unofficial Vista and XP upgrade released

Extensions for Windows in action
Extensions for Windows in action

Extensoft today released its Extensions for Windows – a cheeky collection of unofficial enhancements for both XP and Windows that seek to improve functionality in response to the needs and wants of the community.

Extensions for Windows, the developer hopes, will solve a lot of the shortcomings and generally useless bits of Microsoft's operating systems, as well as add new and useful features to keep them ticking over.

'More features, usability and value'

"Extensions for Windows is meant to enhance the typical Windows user's experience," said Eugene Zvyagintsev, Product Manager for Extensions.

"One of our primary goals is to work with the Windows user community and act on their behalf, bringing more features, usability and value to the operating system that so many of us use every day."

Features include converting documents, enhanced screen capture facilities, disk space analysis, FTP/SFTP locations, secure virtual disk creation and PDF creation, and Extensoft plans to continue work on the package, encouraging users to adopt Extensions in order to "discuss, shape and influence the future of Windows features without waiting and hoping to see them in an official Windows upgrade."

The package is availabe from Extensoft's website, and costs $50 (£28).