Green PC uses less power than lightbulb

Saving the world: Akhter's PC
Saving the world: Akhter's PC

Akhter Computers today launched an energy-efficient integrated PC which utilises the new "low energy high power" Intel Core 2 Duo processor range, which runs up to 3.0GHz. The system is the first British computer to achieve the coveted Energy Star 4.0 qualification.

Built as a single unit, the LoCO2PC comprises the computer itself, stereo speakers, and a DVD writer, all basically housed within the 85mm deep 19inch monitor.

Power management within the machine also means it should consume only 3W while in sleep mode, says Akhter.

"Innovative solutions"

Graham Palmer, Country Manager for Intel UK and Ireland, said, "Intel is delighted to see innovative use of our market-leading technology to deliver innovative solutions to their customers.

"Energy-efficient performance is a critical element of any environmentally sustainable IT strategy, and compact, energy-efficient machines such the LoCO2PC from Akhter promise to deliver just that," he continued.

Akhter says that the LoCO2PC can potentially cut power bills to around one third of what you'd currently pay for a desktop PC, and they reckon that their custom silent cooling system should also mean less heat and noise.

Energy-saving specs in depth

The LoCO2PC's 19inch LCD SXGA panel has a max resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels, fronted by a hard glass panel rated at 8H hardness. There's an HDMI external port for HD video, a 250GB hard drive (which is optionally upgradeable) to 1TBand an optional touch panel and 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi.

Various deals are available from the manufacturer, ranging from £539 for the bog standard Celeron machine up to £639 for the Core2Duo.