OnePlus Nord could soon be available in a new color

OnePlus Nord
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Currently the OnePlus Nord is only available in Blue Marble and Grey Onyx, but it looks like OnePlus might want to change that, as according to a source a new color could be available soon.

Roland Quandt (a reputable leaker) made the claim, saying on Twitter that a 'Grey Ash' version of the OnePlus Nord is supposedly landing at the beginning of October. In reply to to the Tweet, @MaxJmb (another leaker with a good track record) said "Yep".

Not only that, but such as shade had previously been spotted in code for OxygenOS (the software the Nord runs) by an XDA Developers member, so it sounds very likely that this shade is coming. 

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It's possible that this could be a matte version of the current Gray Onyx shade. OnePlus Nord deals have offered both matte and gloss versions of colors on previous phones, and ash doesn't sound a million miles away from onyx as colors go.

That's just speculation for now, but it might be an appealing alternative for buyers if so, especially as glossy shades tend to attract a lot of smudges.

While Quandt claims that the new color might land at the beginning of October, he hasn't said where, and it's possible that some regions will get it later than others, so there's a chance you'll be waiting longer than that for the new shade.

In any case, it seems OnePlus is quite focused on the phone, as since launch the OnePlus Nord has already received some OxygenOS updates to spruce up its camera performance. A recent update (version 10.5.4) for example brought improvement to low-light selfies and macro photos.

OnePlus is also working on OxygenOS 11, a bigger update that - among other things - will bring the always-on display feature to OnePlus phones. We expect this big update to drop on the OnePlus Nord sometime after the company's flagships, the OnePlus 8 series.

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