NordPass is the password manager you can use anywhere

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Technology should make life simpler, and in many ways, it does. We send texts and emails to friends and family, and they receive our words in the blink of an eye. That's progress! Password management has also leaped forward. Gone are the days of keeping track of miscellaneous passwords in a notebook that could be lost or in a hackable browser. Today, we have NordPass, a one-size-fits-all password manager that lives on your desktop, iPhone, or Android device.

Most password managers complicate things

Basic password security is drilled into our heads every day. We know it's a bad idea to use simple passwords or reuse the same password across multiple websites. We've also learned the hard way that website password storage isn't a reliable way to store sensitive information. Have you ever received an email saying that your favorite retailer's website was compromised and you need to change your password immediately? Right, not unusual.

When online password managers came along, they seemed to solve the problem of remembering the long, complicated passwords we invented for all the websites and apps we used. But they got it wrong too. Some password managers work only on your Windows or Mac while others are meant only for your smartphone. And none of them worked as they should while you're offline. 

Who has time to add their data to multiple password managers?

The NordPass difference

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NordPass is different. NordPass believes that your passwords should be accessible no matter where you are, what device you're on, and even when you're offline.

This hassle-free approach means that you can use your passwords on a Windows PC, a Mac, an iPhone, an Android device, and even on a Linux desktop. Best of all, you can sync your passwords on up to six devices and use those devices simultaneously.

And if you're offline, no problem. NordPass works online or offline.

They're your passwords; shouldn't you be able to access them?

With NordPass, you can import all your passwords from other managers in seconds. It's that easy.

Passwords are saved with a click, allowing you to log in automatically to websites and apps. NordPass also stores secure notes, personal information, and credit card details.

Real security, real simple

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NordPass offers the security features to please your tech-savvy self and the simplicity that your grandmother needs. NordPass generates complex, hard-to-guess passwords, scans data breaches for password leaks, identifies weak links to secure your accounts, and offers Biometrics and two-factor authentification. And the whole thing is protected by XChaCha 20 encryption.

NordPass also lets you share passwords securely across platforms and with trusted contacts.

The NordPass Cyber Month deal you shouldn’t pass up

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There's little doubt that NordPass is already a bargain, but for today only , you can get two years of NordPass Premium for just $35.93. That shaves 70% off the usual price.

NordPass Premium gives you all the extras, including:

  • Saving unlimited passwords
  • Keeping notes and credit cards
  • Syncing across multiple devices
  • Allowing six active devices at a time
  • Secure sharing
  • Trusted contacts
  • Password Health checkups
  • Data Breach scanner

Don't delay because this deal ends in one day. Grab a 2-year NordPass Premium plan right now for just $35.93. That's 70% off. Secure your passwords and tame your online life with NordPass.

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