New Final Fantasy 16 trailer doubles down on the grandeur of epics like Elden Ring

Final Fantasy 16
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Set to release June 22 on PS5, Final Fantasy 16’s latest trailer shows off the game’s varied and breathtaking environments, demonstrating once and for all that the upcoming action RPG from Square Enix is doubling down on a high-fantasy aesthetic. 

The trailer treats us to a range of gorgeous vistas, many of which would not be out of place in Elden Ring. Over the course of two minutes of footage, we are taken across bright deserts, foreboding ravines, lush forests and dingy towns. What all these locales have in common, however, is their stark contrast to the visuals presented in previous single-player Final Fantasy titles. 

Final Fantasy 15 had its share of vibrant, open-world locations, but it was always framed through a more modern lens. Noctis and his crew toured the countryside in a flying limousine, after all – a far cry from the gritty medievalism of Final Fantasy 16. Final Fantasy 13 also offered something very different, its locations and set pieces festooned with the trappings of future fantasy, with magitech constructs and airships being the order of the day.

Despite being visually anachronistic, it seems like Final Fantasy 16 marks a new direction for the series, rooted in more grounded fantasy trappings reminiscent of the likes of The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age

It's a whole new world

Of all of Final Fantasy 16’s predecessors, it looks like the upcoming RPG has the most in common with MMORPG Final Fantasy 14. Given that Square Enix’s Creative Business Unit 3 is responsible for both titles, they share a common creative heritage. For instance: Naoki Yoshida, director, and producer of Final Fantasy 14, is also serving as producer of Final Fantasy 16.

Both titles make liberal use of gorgeous, high-fantasy locales to frame their stories. However, the creative overlap doesn’t stop there. Masayoshi Soken, composer of Final Fantasy 14’s exceptional and diverse soundtrack has also composed the score for Final Fantasy 16

There are also some story similarities, too, which could hint at a subtle interconnection between both titles. Both Final Fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy 16 refer to the distinctive ‘summons’ (giant magical monsters) in both games as ‘Eikons’, suggesting a common thread that might tie the two titles. 

Final fantasy 7 Rebirth

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Ever since Final Fantasy 7, Square Enix’s flagship RPG series has been all about cinematic spectacle. Part of the impetus behind Final Fantasy 7 Remake and its upcoming sequel Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was the realization of the cinematic ambitions set out in Final Fantasy 7’s original reincarnation.

Since then, Final Fantasy games have strived to immerse players by crafting inviting environments with distinct visual appeal. Judging by this trailer, Final Fantasy 16 seems poised to take this commitment to the next level, offering breathtaking worlds in which players can lose themselves. I can’t wait to explore these worlds for myself this summer.

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