Mozilla VPN to enter public beta

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Mozilla has revealed it is set to launch a beta version of its upcoming VPN service within the next few weeks.

The Firefox-maker launched the Firefox Private Network extension this month and it added a browser proxy to the company's web browser. However, it is currently only available for users in the US and resembles the VPN feature Opera added to its Android browser earlier this year.

Firefox Private Network helps protect user's data online by encrypting it and masking the IP address of a user's connection. Mozilla decided to choose Cloudflare as its partner for the service and Firefox users are connected to the nearest Cloudflare data center when they turn on Private Network in their browser.

The initial release lacked several key features such as the option to select different regions or servers and no information about the connection was displayed in the extension. 

Firefox Private Network

Now Mozilla has released new details about Firefox Private Network in an announcement. According to the company, a version of Private Network will remain free and beta testers will get 12 hours to use the service in the form of four three-hour passes. 

It is worth noting however that these passes run non-stop for three hours at a time without the option to split the time between different periods.

Additionally, Mozilla also plans to offer a paid device-wide solution that will not be tied to its Firefox browser.

Interested users in the US can visit the Firefox Private Network page and sign up to participate in the service's beta themselves.

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