New Surface tablets get docking station, battery-extending covers

New Surface covers have landed
New Surface covers have landed

Microsoft has taken the lid off several accessories for its Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets that were unveiled in New York earlier today.

They include a docking station compatible with both the original and new versions of the Surface Pro that turns them into a fully-fledged PC when docked by allowing an external monitor and other peripherals to be connected.

The docking station for Surface Pro's connectivity options include three USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet, and audio in and out. It also offers a MiniDisplay port that the company says will output a whopping 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution.

Microsoft says the dock will set you back $199.99 (around £124, AU$210) and will be outed in early 2014.

Update: According to a Surface Team Ask Me Anything session on Reddit this afternoon, the docking station comes with a power supply so users can charge their Pro/Pro 2.

Got it covered

The Redmond-based company isn't stopping there - it's also introduced new versions of its popular Touch and Type keyboard covers that debuted with the original models.

The company's new Type Cover 2 comes in purple, pink, blue and black. Best of all, Microsoft says that it's quieter to use and has been slimmed by 1mm to be almost as thin as the original Touch Cover.

Despite having gone on a diet, the company says that it's also more rigid, which it claims provides a better experience when a keyboard-toting Surface is sat on your lap.

Surface boss Panos Panay has it covered

Surface boss Panos Panay has it covered

In Touch

It's joined by a new Touch Cover keyboard, the Touch Cover 2, which measures 2.75mm thick and features backlit keys. Microsoft claims to have upped the accuracy of the keyboard, which was fairly hit-and-miss in its original form.

Finally, Microsoft has outed a new Power Cover, which the company claims extends the battery life of the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 by up to 60%. It'll be available for $199.99 (around £124, AU$210) when it lands in early 2014.

Other Surface accessories unveiled include a wireless adapter for its Type Covers, which lets you type from anywhere in the room using Bluetooth, and a USB car charger that provides more juice to the tablets.

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