Microsoft now rolling out its fixed firmware update for Surface Pro 2

Microsoft now rolling out its fixed firmware update for Surface Pro 2
Has Microsoft got it right this time?

When the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 firmware update resulted in a host of failed installation attempts and poor battery life for those who were able to nab it, the company pulled the update and promised a fix.

One month on from the incident, it seems Microsoft has gotten its house in order and is rolling the update out to Intel-based Surface Pro 2 owners for a second time, hopefully this time with a little less drama.

The firmware is available to those who were and were not able to download the initial update, although Microsoft hasn't yet acknowledged the launch on its Surface Pro 2 update website.

According to ZDNET, the company is sending out the updates in waves, rather than all at once, and more updates may follow.

More fixes to come?

Judging by the report, some of the problems have been solved, with one user telling the site: "Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, pen & Type Cover 2 all functioning well."

However, others have said that cold booting through a MicroSD card still "causes excessive CPU consumption." With that in mind, perhaps a further update is on the way.

Have you received Surface Pro 2 firmware update this weekend? How is it performing? Let us know in the comments section below.

A similar update for the Windows RT-based Surface 2 did cure some battery ills.

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