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Microsoft to showcase phone-laptop hybrid at Windows 10 event

Will Microsoft come out with its own Foleo?
Will Microsoft come out with its own Foleo?

Microsoft's first big event of 2015 is only hours away and there seems to be increasing evidence that it will not be only about Windows 10 (at least if we believe Microsoft's head of mobile, Joe Belfiore).

Now, The Information understand that Microsoft could also introduce "new hardware" and may reveal a phone-laptop hybrid solution, which the publication believes could appeal to enterprise customers.

Could it be a Windows version of Palm's promising but doomed Foleo? A take on Asus's similarly-promising EEE keyboard (but with different layout) or a Windows iteration of the Padfone X, which might be easier to do.

Platform agnostic

There are also rumours that Microsoft will reveal a single code base that will allow applications to be natively platform agnostic, meaning that they can run on any devices, regardless of whether they are x86 or ARM-based or whether it has a large screen or a small one.

The logical outcome could be that Microsoft will deploy a unified app store instead of having two separate ones (for two separate architectures). Doing so opens the door to a much wider audience for developers.