LG makes huge bet on 3D laptops

3D gaming is predicted to drive the demand for 3D laptops, according to manufacturers such as LG, Asus and Toshiba

LG is making a huge bet on 3D laptops over the next year, predicting that sales of these new mobile computers will be boosted by 30 per cent in 2011.

LG is one of the first brands to market with 3D notebooks, alongside other manufacturers such as Asus, Acer and Toshiba.

The company forecasts that global sales of 3D notebooks will increase to 1.1 million units next year and reach a total of 13.8 million units by 2015.

Sales of 3D laptops to date have been limited, with commentators mainly putting this down to two things. The lack of decent 3D content to view on your new laptop, in addition to the current high cost of the 120Hz displays required to show your games, movies, photos or home videos in three dimensions.

LG has introduced three models of 3D laptops computers priced between 1.6 million Korean won ($1,331) and 1.9 million won, which is around a 20 per cent premium on traditional 2D laptops.

LG is also the world's second-largest TV manufacturer.

3D content on the way

LG and the other manufacturers mentioned above clearly hope that the arrival of 3D Blu-rays later in 2010 and the increasing number of 'made for 3D' PC games, in addition to greater awareness and availability of 3D peripherals such as new cameras from Fujifilm and Sony, will serve to boost the demand for 3D laptops.

"With the availability of more 3D content, consumers are enjoying a new experience, and we think that'll drive growth of the 3D computer market," said Harrison Park, LG's mobile communications PC business team leader.

TechRadar has contacted LG's UK office to find out more on the plans to release these new 3D laptops in Britain. Stay tuned for updates.

Via Reuters