LG gram is a 15-inch laptop that's lighter than Air

LG gram 15 and monitors
LG's new devices look very promising indeed

LG is teasing the products it will be showing off at CES 2016, and they include an ultra-light laptop, along with a range of tasty monitors aimed at gamers and creative professionals.

How light is ultra-light? In the case of the LG gram 15, it's incredibly light and LG is claiming this is the lightest 15-inch laptop in the world, tipping the scales at less than a kilogram – 980g to be precise.

To put that in perspective, that's lighter than an 11-inch MacBook Air – and remember this is a mid-sized 15.6-inch notebook. LG also reckons that it has a small chassis in the quest for portability, and that this laptop is the same size as a traditional 14-inch effort in terms of its form factor.

Under the hood, the CPU will be of the Skylake variety, but currently that's all LG has revealed about this intriguing new device. Oh, aside from the fact that it will be durable despite its thin and light nature.

34-inch 4K beast

The charge of the LG monitor brigade will be led by the LG 34UC98, which boasts a 34-inch IPS display with a 21:9 aspect ratio, sporting a resolution of 3440 x 1440. It will also have a curved screen and Thunderbolt 2 ports, aiming to tempt both creative professionals and gamers with its ultra-wide display.

Regarding gaming, it will also support AMD's FreeSync tech which eliminates tearing and stuttering for a smoother experience in that 3D shooter (or whatever your gaming poison happens to be).

LG's stand at CES will also be showing off the LG 27UD68, a 27-inch gaming display which has a 4K resolution and also makes use of FreeSync. There will also be a 27-inch display (the 27UD88) designed for creative pros featuring USB Type-C ports allowing for laptop charging, and offering colour presets including Rec. 709 and SMPTE-C.

Finally, the LG 34UM88 is a 34-inch display with the same ultra-wide 21:9 ratio as the 34UC98, being pitched as a workstation for graphics pros, with that widescreen allowing for the simultaneous viewing of photos side-by-side (this will also have Thunderbolt 2 ports on board).

We'll get more details at CES, including the scoop on availability and pricing with any luck.

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