Microsoft OneDrive gets small upgrade to prevent you from losing track of your files

(Image credit: Microsoft)

With more employees working from home than ever before, cloud storage services such as Microsoft OneDrive have become an essential tool for staying productive.

By using OneDrive instead of local storage, an entire team can have access to all of the files and documents they need in one place. However, what happens when you accidentally delete a file?

In an update to its Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft has revealed that it is currently working on a new feature which will display a dialog when files are deleted from OneDrive. This feature will hopefully prevent users from losing track of their important files when it launches later this month.

Restoring OneDrive files

Once the feature rolls out, a user will be shown a dialog when they delete a file or even multiple files for the first time. The reason for this is due to the fact that like in Windows 10, OneDrive files aren't actually deleted but are instead moved to a recycling bin.

In the same way that you can take deleted files out of your recycling bin in Windows to restore them, you can also do so OneDrive which can be quite helpful for those collaborating with others online using Microsoft's cloud storage service.

The dialog will continue to show up each time a user deletes a file in OneDrive to ensure that everyone is aware of the fact that OneDrive has a recycling bin. However, you can check a box if you don't want to see these messages and admins can turn off this notification entirely with a group policy setting.

The move to cloud computing has changed the way in which we work with files but thankfully OneDrive uses the same logic as Windows so that users can move their workloads to the cloud without having to change their workflows.

Anthony Spadafora

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