Medical Guardian launches new medical alert system, the Mini Guardian

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(Image credit: Medical Guardian)

Medical Guardian has announced the launch of its latest medical alert system, the Mini Guardian — its smallest mobile medical alert system

The Mini is a mobile medical alert system designed to provide the same safety net of the Active Guardian and Mobile Guardian, but packed into a discrete device capable of easily fitting into a shirt pocket. 

At 2.75 inches long, 1.38 inches wide, and weighing just 1.3 ounces, the Mini Guardian is the smallest medical alert system Medical Guardian offers, save for the Freedom Guardian smartwatch. By making it smaller and lighter, the Mini is more discreet and comfortable, which means seniors are more likely to wear it. 

Medical Guardian

The Mini Guardian is discrete and stylish. (Image credit: Medical Guardian)

The Mini Guardian features a 78-decibel speaker with background noise-canceling capabilities. And it’s connected to reliable, nationwide 4G LTE cellular coverage, enabling the user to receive help wherever they go. It also has the following features:

  • Easy-to-press button: The large, soft button is designed to make it easier for seniors with arthritis to call for help
  • Water and dust-resistant: With an IP67 rating, the Mini can be worn in the shower and the pool
  • Fall detection capabilities and cancelation feature: The Mini can detect a fall and call for help without having to press the help button
  • Battery life: The rechargeable battery reportedly lasts up to five days; Medical Guardian will send notifications via text or email when the battery is low
  • Advanced Location Tracking: Using GPS and WiFi, the Mini helps EMTs locate people by providing an exact location
  • Color options: There are three colors available: white, silver, and black

“This device is an incredibly critical and timely innovation,” Geoff Goss, CEO of Medical Guardian, commented , “acting as a direct response to one of the leading reasons many seniors choose to forego utilizing a medical alert system — size, weight, or lack of style — with hopes that more older adults will begin to live life independently and with added protection.”

The Mini Guardian starts at $39.95 per month and costs $49.95 per month for fall detection. To protect it from spills, drops, and other damage, you can pay an additional $6.99 per month for the protection plan, which replaces or repairs your mini in the event it’s damaged. 

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